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Sivyi Yar - Dual Faith CD 10,99 EUR
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Sivyi Yar - Dual Faith CD
Sivyi Yar - Dual Faith CD

Pagan/Folk Black Metal from Russia

Sivyi Yar, a pagan metal project from Russia, decided not to hurry with releasing of the new tracks, instead it presents the album including its early works. The new album reveals tracks composed between 2008 – 2010, however, in contrast to the predecessor, the album is more entire and diverse. Mostly it presents classical pagan black metal, sometimes featuring death metal elements in the vein of the early works by Swedish bands. “Night on the eve of Ivan Kupala” pictured by the great Russian artist Ivan Sokolov is used as the cover of the album and, together with the music, it emphasizes the keynote idea of the preservation of Slavonic traditions in the current context of the changing society.

1. In the Whisper of Spring Water
2. Dual Faith
3. Again, Burn Crosses
4. In the Predawn Darkness
5. Magic Fever
6. Because of the Mountain
total playing time 42:12

This Product was added to our catalogue on Friday, 21. February 2014.

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