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Fen - Dustwalker CD-BOX (ltd.Vers.) 15,99 EUR
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Fen - Dustwalker CD-BOX (ltd.Vers.)
Fen - Dustwalker CD-BOX (ltd.Vers.)
Fen - Dustwalker CD-BOX (ltd.Vers.)
Fen - Dustwalker CD-BOX (ltd.Vers.)

Atmospheric Black Metal/Post-Rock

The phenomena of “black metal” has exploded over the past 20+ years, segregating out into different styles based on geography (European vs. USBM) and just about any grouping of genre tags imaginable. There’s black ‘n' roll, symphonic black metal, kvlt black metal, avant-garde, and more are likely to be invented as time goes by. Working on another distinguishing sub-grouping within the overall style is Fen, which includes loads of atmosphere and what is probably best described as “post-rock” in latest album “Dustwalker.”

Some metal fans see that word “post-“ and run for the hills, but let’s clarify something here – this album has its fair share of blast beats and shrieked vocals. It’s also black metal in the traditional, old-school sense of the phrase, complete with a fuzzy and lo-fi production that would make certain arsonist Norwegians proud. The murky production actually becomes part of the overall sound and seems to be a purposeful aesthetic move, as there are segments with clear acoustic guitars and the bass tellingly becomes fully audible on “Wolf Sun.”

The album starts immediately with misanthropic, European-style black metal, but this is just one facet of the disc. Counterbalancing those influences are a host of melodic elements and a sprinkling of clean singing. Loads of ambience and a fair share of gentle, laid-back material are present on the album, weaving in and out of the harsher black metal. Sometimes they work together in tandem (the oddly melodic, but still creepy “Walking the Crowpath”), and sometimes they stay apart as distinct and separate entities (the fully ethereal and rock-based “Hands of Dust”). The third track “Spectre” even has a bit of a psychedelic ‘70s feel that bring to mind Ulver’s recent foray into rock cover material.

It’s entirely possible “Dustwalker” will turn off both crowds, scaring off the post-rock fans with the black metal and boring the metal heads with the ambient and soft material, but if you listen through a few times, this material really grows on you. The weird rock and roll vibe somehow works with the metal aspects, creating an end product that will likely appeal to avant-garde lovers or headbangers who can appreciate softer stuff like Anathema. As long as the murkiness of the sound quality isn’t a deterrent, this is easily recommended listening.

1. Consequence 07:56
2. Hands of Dust 11:38
3. Spectre 10:21
4. Reflections 01:49   instrumental
5. Wolf Sun 07:10
6. The Black Sound 10:08
7. Walking the Crowpath 13:16
Spielzeit 01:02:18


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